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Here’s the scoop on Passion to Paycheck VIP. It's an online membership is for anyone who is looking to gain confidence and take action that gets them closer to living their dream life.

It is a resource that members can access whenever they feel they need a piece of advice, a boost, or a business strategy.  

The world is understanding that personal mental fitness along with physical fitness is just as important for a quality life. Ladies everywhere are adding a monthly mental fitness membership to their existing gym ones. They’re checking in from their own homes and offices, to access trainings, audios and modules on mind-set, positivity, media & more. The VIP program allows users to manifest their goals and provides tools to take powerful action towards achieving them.


Here's what people are saying about Erika...

"Erika is a blessing- inspirational, ambitious and creative! I have completely turned my dreams into a real, tangible brand in media, fashion and entertainment! I finally have the courage and alignment to pursue what I love openly and for the rest of my life like a boss!"

Yasmin Santana

"As a media personality, I got access to the best mastermind and community of game-changers. I had break throughs in goals, business and the most important- mindset! All of my friends say I'm a different person, now I'm living unreasonably. That is, unreasonable to the average person's standards in my career and life now. Thank you for inspiring us all Erika Dela Cruz."

Clare McKee

"I'm so excited to be working with Erika on mastering my spotlight! I have made so many connections and progress in the program, with her taking the lead! Not only am I blessed to be a member, but I’ve also gotten interviews and other speaking engagements because of my involvement through Erika’s support and recommendation."

Rachel S. Lee

Here's what you'll get inside Passion to Paycheck VIP...

Mindset Modules & Trainings

Because it all starts with the space between your ears! If all you're hearing is negative self-talk, we've got some work to do! In the mindset modules, you'll get access to EXACTLY what I do to stay in a positive mindset every. single. day. 

Branding & Business Skills

Whether you're growing your audience, building relationships or working on your personal brand, you'll get access to trainings from Erika & guest experts to help you be the best YOU. And by being a VIP, you're already on your way there!

Emotion Library

Feelings got you down? We can relate. This industry is tough, this world can be challenging. But with Erika pumping you up and encouraging you through audios, you'll be sure to feel calm or confident. 

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